That's Amore June 2011 That's Amore June 2011 Swing Jive Dancers Gill and Steve Atkin ready for one of their swing jive and rock n roll routines 129404200 Big Swing Band Showgirls. Becky Hart and Frances Brindle added 1950s glamour to singer Tony Orme's "That's Life" and "Everybody Loves Somebody Some Time" 129404201 That's Amore. The Big Swing Band at the Riverhead Theatre, Louth, June 2011. Paula Baldwin presents the Band's newest attraction - Las Vegas style Showgirls! 129404202 Vocalists Christine Scott and Sara Blair Manning with Paula Baldwin. 129404203 Backstage at the Riverhead. Becky Hart, Christine Scott, Tony Orme, Paula Baldwin, Sara Blair Manning and Frances Brindle 129404204 The Critics Liked Us! Telegraph Theatre Critic Trevor Ekins, said it was a gem of a performance! 129404205